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September 5, 2018
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September 5, 2018
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How to create efficient and likeable advertising

We take advertising seriously. Like we said before – advertising is this small bit of the global economy, but this small piece drives all of the others. Think about it. Advertising is the final component in the marketing mix. It’s what touches the client after all other marketing aspects have been met. Advertising helps us choose, discover new products, alternatives and keeps us informed.

But many times advertising is failing. Consumers have declared they hate being bombarded by unuseful ads, especially online. We take that into consideration for all our work.

When preparing an advertisement try to keep close to these guidelines.

  • Tailor it specifically for an audience. Make sure to have a clear understanding of the public and present the products or services in a manner that users appreciate. Using the right tone of voice, approach, graphic and words.
  • Be clear and concise. We all love good stories and branding and the emotional approach. But that can still be clear and simple. Consumers are attacked by hundreds of promotional messages daily. Make yours stick to them.
  • Make it easy to recall and memorable. When an ad is done right it’s easy to recall. That’s the purpose of advertising – to stick to it’s public and to come up everytime the consumers find themselves in a situation when they could make a purchase.
  • Make it call for action. Many times ads appear close to the places where the products or services are sold. So make good use of that. The purpose is to sell.
  • Present your offer in a risk free way. A purchase is a relation between seller and a buyer. The seller asks for something in return for the product and most time that is a monetary value. But they also make it easy for buyers to give them that money. When marketing is good, products are priced right and are in reach for the clients. The advertisement is just a way to touch base with the clients, who can’t refuse the seller’s offer and end up paying the price.
  • Focus on the benefit and not on the product. Products and services are here to solve needs. Unless they are purely design and therefore less functional. And then they solve a different type of needs.
  • That’s it so far. We’ll leave you with a collection of vintage advertisements (creepy ones) just to make our ideas stick 🙂

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