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September 5, 2018
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Our vision on customer care

The way we see it, customer care has a broad meaning, the same way a brand means much more than a name. Customer care is a mix of functions under the umbrella of the company philosophy, with a personal touch.

We believe businesses should actually care for the customers, since their satisfaction is a major influence in how the company is doing both internally and externally.

It is said that ‘sales solve everything’ and we think that is certainly true, but to make this statement truly uncontested, we would like to add to it – as long the client is satisfied.

When it comes to client’s satisfaction, the more the better rule applies. Keeping clients enthusiastic and faithful to your brand is imperative for every company’s survival, and more than ever, companies need to understand the customer behavior to be able to make his experience a good one.

Customer care should be handled with good communication and time management skills, assertiveness and passion. Customer care happens in all stages of client servicing – pre-sale, during sale, post-sale.

The process of building and delivering should be a part of the success story you are selling. Even when things go wrong, connecting with the clients that were unhappy is a must. Most times the pickiest client can become the most loyal to the brand and it’s best advocate.

The experience of a customer with the product can’t be totally controlled, but the steps that precede and follow it, can make for the whole journey.

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