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September 5, 2018
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September 5, 2018
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Lately I’ve been lucky (enough) to be invited to share my experience about getting a first job, preparing your CV and career management. I always try to be as honest as possible even though that may ruin someone’s dream. I think it’s better to wake someone up from a dream that could turn into a bad dream.

I often say that the best advice I can give is never stop betting on your training and try to get to the job market with some experience, be it in the area you study or not.

I am often asked how their CV can stand out from all the others. In the communication area, and in marketing in particular, I try to explain that the European CV format should be avoided and use on different ways of presenting yourself to a company. Think that you are a product and try to sell yourself.

This week I ’ve been presented with 10 reasons why we should not hire a candidate. I started to read. I had a good laugh, laughed again, and I wanted to get to know this person better. After all, whoever has gone to so much trouble to get attention, deserves to be heard. We wanted to reply in an original way as well.

We started by thinking about how we should do it. The video was the vehicle of choice. We needed to give a quick response and we were not available to build a video from scratch. We thought about making a game for our candidate. Do you want to play a game rings any bells? We threw him a challenge. He would have to go to a place and make a strange request. From there he would be given a clue to unravel the key of the next step. This way we got to know Luis. More developments in an upcoming episode…

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