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September 5, 2018
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September 5, 2018
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What makes products desirable

cartoon from the newyorker.

Desirable products are everywhere around us. Actually, most of the products in stores right now are desired products. Their form has evolved to make them survive on the market. Fighting for a market segment is hard, but transformational.

When reading this piece, try and think of a product you’ve interacted with in your daily life for each one of the following criteria.

We’ve tried to sort out what makes a product desirable and rank the characteristics by their importance:

  • it meets an existing need in their target market. And it does that better than most competitors. Of course, some products create needs. But those are rather rare and revolutionary.
  • it’s designed beautifully. Design makes products wanted, design gets under the skin. Most times the design of a product surpasses other features.
  • it’s new, it creates interest, buzz, virality. We all look at something new with curiosity and interest, at least for a second, and sometimes more if was worth the first second.
  • it appears on the market at the right time – this is a good shortcut, but it’s also one of the hardest to coordinate.
  • it carries a known brand – self-explanatory. A brand is a promise. A promise that the product will take good care of us. We love our brands and they love us.
  • it can be personalized – more and more the trend of personalization is entering the consumer markets and gives products a clear advantage over standardized products.
  • it’s packaged nicely – this has almost become a must. Good packaging goes a long way, and ensures repeated purchases, assuming the product is not bad.
  • it’s priced correctly – often this grows the desirability factor. But even when products cost more than their competitors, other features make them desirable. In the simplest possible way, we can say that great value at the right price is a recipe for success.
  • it gives its users an aura, it makes them feel special.

To become successful we think a product needs to check at least three or four of these boxes. Unless it can come up with a good shortcut…

Thanks for reading.

Have a good week,

The team.

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