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Storytelling? What kind of witchcraft is this?

You’ve certainly heard of this concept but if you didn’t take a quick look at this article. We promise not to tell anyone that you didn’t know! 🙂

But what is storytelling about?

Storytelling is the art of telling good stories and as such, it is a tool frequently used by marketers when they want to address their audience through stories and emotions. Stories achieve something that traditional advertising does not: audience involvement.

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make but about the stories you tell.”

Although it is possible to tell a story through text content, storytelling is currently cross-cutting and can be used across all types of content in digital marketing.  By the way, let’s face it, both you and the public of your brand are looking for more content of images and video than text content.

We can apply storytelling to lots of areas but as what digital marketing is concerned, you have certainly noticed the difficulty that exists today in communicating with your followers in view of the amount of information we get in digital channels. (If you have no difficulty talking to your audience and you even have a good engagement rate then you can close this page because probably today we will not teach you anything!) 🙂

We need to capture the attention of our audience in the midst of so much content and information that is shared daily. But how?

If you use content marketing strategies to communicate with your audience, you’ll need to apply storytelling principals to make your message more appealing and manage to create engagement. But what good it is for you to create a narrative of communication, or a good story if it not perceived by your audience?

Create a persona for your brand!

First of all, you must be aware of your brand positioning.  By the way, let’s take a test. Try to answer yourself these questions: who are your audience? Why are they interested?

Only after you realize what your audience has in common (goals, personality, demographics, etc.) will you be able to define a good communication strategy for your brand, where storytelling will be the tool for raise awareness and create engagement with your audience.

It will not always be necessary to create a character to develop your story; sometimes the most important is the message that is passed. In order for this message to have the impact you really want you have to appeal to feelings and values, creating a closer relationship with your audience.

Have you seen Gillette’s latest ad?

If you haven’t seen it …

This is an obvious example of a message that the brand developed and passed on to its audience. As you know 2018 was marked by the denunciation of innumerable cases of sexual abuse, which resulted in worldwide buzz (remember the movement #Metoo?).

Gillette saw here a window of opportunity to pass to its values back on to its public, mostly men. Throughout its message Gillette presents numerous bad examples in society today (such as bullying, sexual harassment, etc.) accompanied by the rhetorical question “Is this really the best men can be?” alluding to his own slogan “The best a man can get”.

The storytelling around the whole message was so shocking, raising values and moral questions that the ad reached more than 27 million views. When creating content with these characteristics is normal that there are different perceptions on part of the public. But there’s no harm in it!

If there are lessons that brands can draw from this kind of campaign is that there should be no fear of reactions that may arise from the public. It is important to advocate good causes if this is important to enhance the brand’s mission and values. Despite the negative feedback that may arise, it sometimes comes from minorities that do not even belong to the target audience of the brand.

Gillette is aware that it influences the culture and day-to-day lives of many men, encouraging them to be better. As such, the brand is aware of the responsibility that it is to communicate and pass on a message with altruistic values. In addition to all the storytelling created for the campaign, Gillette has committed to donating $ 1 million a year over the next three years to nonprofits. The goal is to inspire, educate and help men of all ages to achieve their personal goals and become role models for future generations. For our part, congratulations Gillette!

Gillette was able to pick up on something that is current, seen as a problem of society, to frame it with its target audience and brand values and to build a complex narrative and message, that shook the attention of millions of people.

Well, it sounds easy, right? However, there is a complex process of strategy creation, narrative creativity, and implementation. Well done, this process will allow you to humanize your brand, bringing it closer to your audience. However, if you need help we are here waiting for you!

Ready to tell your story? ?

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