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It’s true, you can shop on Instagram now.

Instagram has taken the first step to become, among other things, an e-commerce platform, with the official launch of a beta version that allows shopping within the application.
For now, you can only shop through Instagram from around 20 brands, including Nike, Adidas, Dior, H&M, MAC Cosmetics, Michael Kors, Oscar de la Renta, Prada, Uniqlo, Warby Parker and Zara.

It will be possible to make checkouts and manage orders on Instagram instead of being redirected to the brand website. Eligible items for checkout in the app now have a blue “check out on Instagram” button beneath them. By clicking this button your email will be requested so that the seller can complete your order. From here you can enter your delivery information and payment method so that once the data has been analyzed, you can place the order.

Instagram intends to allow people to complete their in-app purchases, which will inspire them to buy more (at least this is what Uncle Mark expects, recently saying that e-commerce can represent the future of the company.
For now, payment information stored on Facebook will only be used on Instagram but it is easy to imagine that Facebook will allow you to use the credentials in other apps of the group. As for the payment methods, they are only available Credit cards and Paypal, but there are plans to integrate with Shopify, Bigcommerce, ChannelAdvisor, CommerceHub and other tools that have checkout.

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