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Case Study

Nowadays no one writes letters of love or almost nobody. Fucking Amazing tried to be different once again and restore to life the art of writing letters. Being a creative team, the company managed to combine traditional and digital elements into a marketing campaign planned for Valentine’s Day.

At Fucking Amazing we are passionate about marketing and communication through digital channels, which translates into a clear improvement of the online presence of our customers’ brands. We thus intend to sow the passion for some companies, trying, in this way, to make us known. We wanted something different, something that passed on our energy, love and dedication in a creative way. We’ve bet on creating a brand awareness campaign for Valentine’s Day. Being Fucking Amazing a relatively recent company in the market, we decided to make ourselves known to a range of potential clients of the Center region. First impressions count, so we knew we had a challenge ahead of us.

During a brainstorming, we managed to find the idea that would be the ideal to approach our potential customers in a creative and daring way. We decided to create an online and offline marketing campaign associated with Valentine’s Day. This campaign culminated in sending love letters to some companies. We did not want to use typical letters so we adapted each letter to each company according to their business area, adding a hint of humor, love, and daring that characterizes us so much. However, our declaration of love was disguised by a QR code, referring our potential customers to a landing page on our website where we could track it.

Step 1

(Offline) It were selected 20 potential clients (companies) from the central region of Portugal.

Step 2

(Offline) Create storytelling for the campaign. In this case, taking into account the timing, we chose to plan and develop a marketing campaign dedicated to Valentine’s Day. In the way of a love declaration, we created the letters, as if we were in love with those 20 companies.

Step 3

(Offline) 20 letters were developed with a QR code and a message, a teaser, that attracted attention and aroused curiosity for the person to open.

Step 4

(Online) We decided to create private and personalized web pages for each company on the website of Fucking Amazing and a personalized love message was written on each page.

By creating a QR code for each love letter we generated traffic to our website and we were able to more assertively track the letters, checking in real time how many letters were opened and when they were opened. Of the 20 love letters sent, 5 were opened. Of all the companies that opened the love letters, Efapel was the company that showed the most interest, contacting us and thanking us for have been the target audience of the campaign. After our follow up, we received confirmation of the meeting schedule with Efapel. This campaign has shown, once again, that creativity, personalization and authenticity are key factors in an effective marketing campaign today, enhancing interaction with it.

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