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April 15, 2019
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Cosibot – Tired of the Fake News about COVID-19?

Coronavirus is showing us daily the great need, as humanity, to unite
and face common challenges.
Besides, the pandemic has brought us another dangerous obstacle
which is based on the appearance of fake news or unreliable
information. Also, another problem is the large volume of calls and
the difficulty of people in obtaining answers on the various official
support lines.
And with this mindset the Portuguese-German company ROBO.AI,
which develops Artificial Intelligence (AI), Conversational AI and
Customer Service Messaging solutions responded to the challenge
posed by the current Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic and developed
a chatbot to offer citizens reliable and updated information in one
place, answering specific questions.
In Portugal, it is providing written and verbal responses since March
30, every day, 24 hours a day from the website and
also through multiple channels (Web, Facebook Messenger, SMS and
soon via WhatsApp), including voice and in several languages, with
local versions for several countries.
At Fucking Amazing, because we think that all initiatives are
important at times like this, we could not remain indifferent. We join
ROBO.AI as partners and we will help spread the word so that
together we can reach as many people as possible with relevant and
reliable information.
If you look at the bottom right corner of our website you can already
experience it. One of the ways to help this project is to try Cosibot.
Ask something to Helena (you can send a message here on the page),
as Helena learns based on the interactions of users. ?
And don’t forget, #stayfuckinghome

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