Everyone wants to grow their brand. But what is the process that ensures it stands out from the competition and thrives in the market? This is a fundamental question for business growth, and I will briefly explain it in this article to help you create a strong identity.

Other questions you should consider are: How would people describe the brand? How do you want them to describe it? Original? Professional? Practical? No matter which direction you take, branding is certainly the path that will lead you there. An active and conscious branding process allows you to shape the brand with intention and control. You don't create an unforgettable brand image all at once - it's done one step at a time.


If you don't have a strategy and a process, your brand will never be strong or consistent! There are 6 important steps:

1 - Briefing - Call with potential client and/or questionnaire to define business problems and objectives. Proposal and contract are also signed.
2 - Research and Strategy - Research on the type of business, competitors, and history. The new brand strategy is defined, outlining the positioning, messages, and brand voice.
3 - Sketches and Design - Creation of the identity including the logo, typography, colors, etc.
4 - Revisions - Overall analysis and possible revisions/improvements.
5 - Presentation - Presentation of the work after an intensive and comprehensive review.
6 - Delivery and Support - Delivery of files and brand guidelines.

Why is branding important for business success?

It's not always easy to see how the branding process influences the success of a business. To understand this, it's good to keep in mind the following: if you want to define your brand with purpose, intention, and consciousness, then you need a planned approach. Branding is not directly responsible for customers' thoughts and decisions about your brand, but it's a strong strategy for a consistent overall narrative that, over time, can change how people perceive it.
By investing in the branding process, a company will:

Communicate its unique and original "position" among competitors.
Build brand loyalty.
Define value for itself and the product.

What if I explain with a practical example?

I'll share a branding project from a FAmazing client and its entire creative process, which drew inspiration from the roots and identity of "caretos" and the Trás-os-Montes region.


The process is continuous, it doesn't end here.

Unlike building a house or painting a picture, building a brand never ends. There are always adjustments and sometimes even complete changes. This helps to have a reliable core for the brand's personality, something to go back to the root of everything (its values and purpose).

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