The “Sem Rótulos” digital campaign was developed to reflect the positioning of the Praxis brand, a pioneer in the production of craft beer in Portugal, which aims to provide its public with a broader view and concern about various matters, some of which are taboos. A totally revolutionary and timeless concept was thus developed, with the aim of highlighting the uniqueness and authenticity of its beer, through real issues and subjects, in a context of social panorama.

The first action of the “Sem Rótulos” ("No Labels") digital campaign began on a special date, Valentine's Day. Through the creation of the Pack – Amor Sem Rótulos, inserted in the “Sem Rótulos” campaign, we went against the initial basis of the concept, thinking about true lovers, encouraging them to feel the love for beer (and not only that!) beyond its label. Because that's what love is, it has no faces or labels.

The digital campaign “Sem Rótulos” ("No Labels") present on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and LinkedIn manages, through its main product, the different types of craft beer, to mark its positioning and send messages to its audience. In an attempt to demystify certain themes, the brand sees itself stripped of prejudices and it is intended that this campaign can go further, with a view to addressing emerging themes such as LGBTQI+ rights, gender equality, raciality, among others, being faithful to the its communication principles and creativity.

We were born that way, with no labels. What matters is the inside.

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